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Flange LS Connector
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Specification of

Flange LS Connector

4 types of LS connectors are available, which 20 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm, 200
mm of eccentricity.

Absorption of Movement
All parts other than Flanges are Flexible. Large movement can be absorbed with
small overall length.

Classifcation of Eccentricity
LS connector is classifed in 4 types of lateral movement, which are 20mm, 50mm,
100mm, 200mm.

􀀁Aboveground and underground types are available.
􀀁The above figures show the underground type.
􀀁The size 20A and 25A are filled arch type.
􀀁The filled arch type is also producible more than 32A.

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